Which baseball cap or snapback cap is suitable for summer?

If you are a girl, it is recommended to wear a baseball cap in summer; if you are a boy, it is recommended that you wear a snapback cap. Because both baseball caps and snapback caps have a longer brim and the shading effect is similar, the choice of a hat in summer mainly depends on personal dressing style. Because compared to baseball caps, snapback caps have a more neutral temperament, and many girls may not be able to hold them perfectly. The tough boys can easily control the snapback cap, easily concave sports handsome shape. At the same time, for most girls, baseball caps can be easily held. Whether it is a cute girl, a sports girl, or a trendy queen, the baseball cap can help you interpret your personality.

The difference between baseball cap and snapback cap

  1. Different shapes.

The brim of a baseball cap has a certain curvature, and the brim is wider and longer, which has the effect of sun-shading and sun protection; the snapback hat is generally flat with a narrow brim.

  1. Different styles.

The baseball cap has fewer patterns, and the design is very simple and neat. It is already a fixed classic in everyone’s mind; while the snapback cap is more street style, giving people a cool feeling.

  1. The occasion is different.

Baseball caps are more suitable for sports occasions. If you want to swing on the green field or play baseball outdoors, the small baseball cap must be absolutely eye-catching; if you are hanging out on the street, or dancing hip-hop, you can wear a snapback cap. Show yourself successfully