What kind of hat looks good on summer outings?

Unknowingly summer vacation is here again, I believe many friends will choose to go out in the summer vacation, but in the hot summer, many people often get sunburned, in order to avoid sunburn, wearing a hat is a good choice. The hat manufacturer Kaixin recommends several hats that are more suitable for summer vacations.

Bucket cap
The stylish, beautiful and versatile bucket hat is a popular style all year round. The bucket hat itself has a good sun-shading effect. In summer, there are many large brim bucket hats to choose from.
In addition to good sun protection and fashion, the bucket hat has another feature that is very suitable for summer travel, that is, foldability. Going out does not have to be long-awaited outdoors. Wearing a hat indoors is a bit inappropriate. If you are wearing a bucket hat, you can fold it up and pack it into your bag, which is very convenient.

Empty top hat
The hat is specially designed for summer sun shading. The hollow at the top leaves only the front brim for sun shading. It has good air permeability. The sweat-proof belt design around the hat can effectively absorb and isolate sweat, which is very suitable for outdoor sports.
If you plan outdoor activities this summer, a nice color scheme and a well-made empty top hat must be your best choice.

  1. Trucker hat
    As a deformed design of the baseball cap, the trucker cap fully considers the combination of aesthetics and practicality. The design of the front part is the same as that of the baseball cap, which greatly guarantees the good-looking and beautiful style. The latter part is changed to a grid design, which not only provides ventilation in summer, but also increases the possibility of color matching and collision to create a better-looking hat.