What kind of face shape does the trucker hat fit? Don’t miss it if you want to show a small face

The trucker hat is a fashion item with very street style elements. A simple solid color trucker hat with some simple clothing can create a very eye-catching effect. It is a fashion item that many fashionistas like very much, but What kind of people does the trucker hat suit? With this question, follow the editor of her time to find out.

What face shape is suitable for trucker hat
The trucker hat is suitable for a round face, which can alleviate the round-faced sister’s non-angular visual impact. With a curly ponytail tied around the ear, the charm index rises instantly.

Goose egg face: The goose egg face is a more perfect face shape, with various indexes close to the golden ratio, and any combination is very dazzling

What face shape is not suitable for trucker hats
Trucker hats are not suitable for square faces: Most of the cheekbones and frontal bones of the square face girls are large, making the whole face look sharp and angular. If you pair it with a square-looking trucker hat, the effect will be somewhat unsatisfactory. It is recommended to wear a fisherman hat suitable for any face shape.

How to wear a trucker hat to look good
Simple wear

The flat brim trucker hat is a more popular hat in 2021. It can be seen in the dressing of many stars. The red casual shoes and the green plaid spliced jacket look domineering. Wearing a Mickey red trucker The hat is matched with red sneakers, which is eye-catching no matter when and where.


If you want to wear a HIP-HOP feeling, first wrap a headscarf, and then wear the trucker hat brim to the back. This will give people a feeling of hip-hop. If you want to look more like a hip-hop style pants, just wear it. It feels more like HIP-HOP. Very temperament! There is also a way to wear it on the side, which is also very good. When paired with canvas shoes, it is even more different!

As a hat with a street-like feeling, the trucker hat is a fashion item that many friends like very much. Simply put it together and immediately have a fashionable street feel. Only by matching it in the correct way, the trucker hat can create an unparalleled effect. Let you become the most beautiful boy on this street.