What kind of clothes does a bucket hat match? How to match a bucket hat looks good

There are many types of hats, but today we are going to share with you a bucket hat with a small face and shade. How to match clothes to look good. After all, a good matching of hats will become the finishing touch to your whole outfit, but if you don’t match them well, it will look a bit superfluous, so matching hats and clothes is very important.

The yellow bucket hat is a bit more modest than other public and dull colors. Yellow is a brighter and lively color, and it can also be very Japanese and reduce the age, so the matching I want to recommend to everyone is the yellow bucket hat. . In fact, there are many types of styles that can be matched with yellow hats. For example, we can match a white dress with a gentle and fresh feeling, or match a black suspender dress to make the whole person look petite and very temperamental. We can also match it with a simple white T, which is comfortable and casual, and it can also reduce the age very much. In short, the matching of the yellow bucket hat can also be a lot, you can try more.

When we match the bucket hat, the colors should not be too messy. It is best to match the whole body with no more than three colors, so that there are layers, and a sharp combination will make you look thinner. Then, when we like to choose clothes that match the bucket hat, don’t choose too flowery clothes, too flowery clothes are not easy to match, and it is not easy to choose colors. Clothes and hats can only have the same flower, that is, either the clothes have a pattern or the hat has a pattern.