What color hat is versatile?

A hat is a must-have concave shape artifact for every girl. Of course, when we buy a hat, we must choose a fashionable and versatile hat. Let’s take a look at what color hat is versatile? How to match a burgundy hat?

Hat is a very important accessory. It can not only keep warm but also increase the sense of fashion. Nowadays, there are more and more choices of hats, not only because of the seasons, you can choose different styles, but you can also choose different colors according to your favorite style. There are also many particulars about the color of the hat. It has different choices and different matching methods according to the color of the body clothes and the color of the scarf.

Black, off-white, and gray are all more versatile colors. If you don’t have a clear idea about the color of the hat, you can choose a hat of this type to match. This is the safest and most reasonable matching method.

Bright colored hats are more suitable for wearing in the spring and summer seasons, because bright colored hats can help people shade and protect against ultraviolet rays in summer, and bright colors can make themselves cooler. In the spring and summer season, the choice of bright hats is also very safe, but the bright colors should not be too abrupt. For example, if you are wearing black-gray clothes, it is not appropriate to wear a yellow hat. Yellow is a brighter color that is more risky, and you should pay more attention when choosing it.

The color of winter hats is mostly dark. Dark hats can not only keep warm in winter, but also make people appear calm in winter. Everyone needs to choose hats in winter. Pay attention to these.

How to match a burgundy hat

  1. Black dress + black snow boots + gray leggings

Fashionable collocations that can be tried in winter, black dress + black snow boots + gray leggings, when you think the black, white and gray collocation is a bit monotonous, adding a burgundy hat embellishment is very charming.

  1. Sweater jacket + striped clothes + wine red skirt + short boots

It is not difficult to match a burgundy hat. Wearing a striped shirt + burgundy skirt on the inside, a light blue sweater coat and brown short boots on the outside is very fashionable and beautiful.

  1. Wine red dress + gray coat + single shoes

A burgundy hat with a sexy V-neck dress of the same color, a gray coat and stiletto shoes, is a simple but feminine match, super charming.

You can try the smoky gray which is very supportive to the skin, and the brown is also more foreign, and the style looks very calm. It is also reasonable for people with dark skin to wear a brown hat. How dark-skinned people wear brightly colored hats, it can form a black and white contrast, increase the charm of bright and high contrast. In addition, adding heavier yellow with black or violet decorative colors, or violet with yellow-brown decorative colors is also very suitable for women. Beige or brown is also very suitable for people with fair skin.