This summer, I only need a baseball cap

Nowadays street hipsters almost always wear a hat when going out. The hat is one of the necessary concave-shaped items when going out. You can see a person’s fashion taste by looking at a person’s hat, so don’t underestimate it. The importance of hats to style matching.

This kind of youthful, sunny and energetic single product is popular every year. It can be said that baseball caps are the evergreen tree in the hat industry, and they are fashionable at a reduced age.

Curved brim hat

The design of the brim has a certain degree of curved baseball caps called bent brim hats. Outdoor baseball caps are relatively common. They are generally worn for sun protection when going out, and many of them are in the streets of stars. The brimmed hats have common pictures.

To say that the baseball cap is more distinctive, in addition to the solid color model, there will be a popular logo design on the front of the brim, and the brand identity of the popular hat. The curved brim hat has a charm, that is, no matter what style it is, it is recommended to match the curved brim hat with a sense of leisure.

Straight brim hat

A baseball cap with no curvature on the brim is called a straight-brimmed hat. This kind of hat is not as good as a curved-brim hat, so it is generally used for concave shapes, and fewer people wear straight-brimmed hats in daily life. Straight-brimmed hats are not as versatile as curved-brimmed hats. Wearing straight-brimmed hats is also a major test of appearance. So when everyone chooses to wear a straight-brimmed hat, I still recommend that you decide based on your face shape.

In hip-hop and street dance circles, the popularity of straight-brimmed hats is not lower than that of curved-brimmed hats, so straight-brimmed hats are also called hip-hop hats and street dance hats.