The history of bucket hats

The origin of bucket hat
   Bucket hat was originally the costume of Irish farmers and fishermen, so it was later called bucket hat. The classic bucket hat is a soft cotton hat with narrow and small edges that can be covered very deep. The styles of both men and women are the same. The bucket hat does not have a long protruding front edge like a baseball cap, but only has a slightly trapezoidal shade edge. Bucket caps are usually made of thicker materials and some elastic weaves. There may be metal rings on both sides to open holes, so that the person wearing the cap will not be too hot in the summer.

American Culture of Bucket Hat

   In American popular culture, the most famous person who wore bucket hats in the early days was Gerigan. A well-known character in American TV comedy in the 1960s, wearing a bucket hat appears in the camera all year round. The well-known American comedian Rodney Danfield often laughed and said that in his later years, as long as he wears a bucket hat, he will usually get a free bowl of soup (because the hat is shaped like a bowl).

The Israeli culture of bucket hat

In Israel, the bucket hat is often called a fool’s hat. During the early days of Israel’s independence, many Israeli fighters found that he needed a hat for sun protection and heat. At first he adopted an Arab-style headscarf, but later he hoped to be distinguished from Arab fighters. , So the Jewish hat was enlarged to look like a bucket hat. Today Israeli troops still use this hat (mostly grass green, the Israeli soldiers in the picture wear bucket hats) and most Israelis regard it as An important symbol of freedom and independence.

The hip-hop culture of bucket hat

But the most important thing about the bucket hat is in the field of hip-hop. The number one figure in the early stage of hip-hop, LL Cool J, the bucket hat has become his standard, and it has also become an important element of retro hip-hop in the 90s mentioned today. Hip-hop people all pay attention to style. In the 1990s, only bowler hats and bucket hats were the majority.

After entering modern times, bucket hats have become all the rage in American hip-hop culture. Even many Hollywood star singers like bucket hats very much, and they often go out of the street in the shape of bucket hats.

The picture on the left is Rihanna’s fashionable style with bucket hat. The bucket hat adds a playful element to her overall shape, making her look young and fashionable.

Modern fashion culture of bucket hat

In recent years, bucket hats have developed many different aspects from the past, and they have gradually become one of the themes that the fashion industry likes to use, and bucket hats are no longer just for sun protection and rain protection or a symbol of a certain style. Fans in various fields have made the evolution of bucket hats qualitatively transformed, while designers have made bucket hats “in the elegant hall” become a popular element that collides with fashion and practicality.