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baseball caps

How to keep the baseball caps from deforming

Each baseball caps has its own fixed shape, this is because a special material is used to fix the baseball cap during the production process.

Trucker Hats

What hat is suitable for summer

The most important thing in summer is sun protection and relieving heat. So what kinds of hats are often worn in summer?

Embroidery Baseball Caps

About hat quality

About hat quality, things you need to know, you can read this page or contact us. We provide 24/7 service.

Baseball Caps for Man and Woman

Why are baseball caps more and more popular?

As the weather turns, we can clearly feel the people around us, taking off our knitted hats and putting on baseball caps. Many colleagues and acquaintances are loyal fans of baseball caps.

How to sunscreen in summer?

In summer, strong sunlight will have a series of adverse effects on the human body, making the skin tan, which can lead to cataracts, sunburn, and skin cancer. In strong sunlight, it is necessary to wear a summer hat when going out. Not only can prevent sun exposure, protect the mind, but also help prevent heatstroke and health.

How To Choose Children’s Bucket Hat

This paper introduces how to choose the fisherman's hat correctly from three aspects

What kind of clothes does a bucket hat match?

Many girls think that they don’t look good in hats. In fact, it’s just that you haven’t picked a hat that suits you. Hats are a very important fashion item, so let’s talk about how to match hats.

How to wear a flat-brimmed hat, what face shape is suitable for wearing a flat-brimmed hat

For girl's who like to wear casual clothes, you can choose some warm-toned flat-brimmed hats, and when you wear them, it will be more casual and sweet in a modest way of wearing them.

This summer, I only need a baseball cap

Hats are one of the must-have items with concave shapes when going out on the street. You can see a person's fashion taste when you look at a person's hat, so don't underestimate the importance of hats to styling.

Which baseball cap or snapback cap is suitable for summer?

Snapback caps have a more neutral temperament, and many girls may not be able to hold them perfectly. The tough boys can easily control the snapback cap, easily concave sports handsome shape.

What is a trucker hat?

Trucker hats are styled like baseball caps, but they have net backs and any reference baseball team. On the contrary, trucker hats usually have unique claims or patterns printed on them, similar to the claims on t-shirts.

What face shape is suitable for trucker hat

The truck hat is a fashion item with very street style elements. A simple solid color truck hat with some simple clothing can create a very eye-catching effect. It is a fashion item that many fashionistas like very much.

How to choose a hat suitable for children

A good hat can not only keep the baby out of cold and prevent the baby from getting sick due to the cold, but also make the baby look cute.

The history of bucket hats

Bucket hats have been inseparable from fashion in recent years. How did they evolve step by step?

What kind of hat looks good on summer outings?

In the hot summer, many people often get sunburned, in order to avoid sunburn. The hat manufacturer Kaixin recommends several hats that are more suitable for summer vacations.

Cleaning baseball cap Kaixin has a coup

Today I will share with you how to clean baseball caps without professional washing tools, just a few simple steps.

How do people with round faces choose hats?

The face is round, square and long. The hat that I prefer to look at is not suitable for a round face, but there are ways to remedy it.

How to wear a knitted hat to show a small face

Beanie hat is a very versatile hat. Wearing knitted hats in winter keeps warm and comfortable and protects the head. In summer, knitted hats are also available in thin styles.

What is so good about baseball caps?

Baseball caps have been developed along with baseball. Baseball is a ball sport with a strong collective and antagonistic nature.

What color hat is versatile?

A hat is a must-have concave shape artifact for every girl. Of course, when we buy a hat, we must choose a fashionable and versatile hat.