How to wear a beanie hat to show a small face?

Beanie hat is a very versatile hat. Wearing Beanie hats in winter keeps warm and comfortable and protects the head. In summer, Beanie hats are also available in thin styles. It is a very good concave shape artifact and is convenient to carry. When not wearing it Take it off at any time and put it in a small bag.

  1. Wear a hat on your head a little bit, don’t wear too much, so that wearing a hat will make our face look small, and it can lengthen our face, which is more suitable for girls with short faces. If there are bangs, The bangs can be exposed, which is more like the movie heroine in a Korean drama. If the girl has good facial features, you can also stuff the bangs into the hat.

Second, bring the hat under the eyebrows. This method of wearing a hat also shows that the face is small, so that it can also cover the acne on the forehead.

  1. Raise the top of the hat. After we put the hat on, we pull the top of the hat and pull it upwards, so that people can visually feel the upward extension and make the face look narrow and long.

Fourth, do not roll up the tape. If the Beanie hat is not rolled up and worn, the focus of the eyes will be more concentrated on the face. If we leave some hair on both sides, it will make our face look small.