How To Choose Children’s Bucket Hat

1、 material selection


General fisherman’s caps are made of nylon, cotton, cotton and hemp blended fabrics, mesh gauze caps and straw hats. The key to the sunscreen effect of the hat is the density of the material, which can be distinguished by the naked eye. In contrast, the material density of mesh gauze hat and straw hat is the largest, although wearing cool, but the shielding effect is the worst, so the sunscreen effect can be imagined.

Cotton hat has high sun protection factor and soft texture, which is very suitable for children’s delicate skin. However, it is not recommended to choose too soft hat, otherwise it will give people the feeling of soft dada and lose the proper version of fisherman’s hat.

It is made of pure cotton with delicate and mild feel, tasteless and non irritating, which can take good care of the head. The smooth Velcro of intimate settings makes it more convenient and fast to adjust the tightness, and can prevent the baby’s delicate skin from being scratched.

2、 choice of head circumference


Choose a sunshade hat for your baby to fit your head circumference. If it is too large, it is easy to fall off; If the hat is too small, it will leave the impression of the brim on the head after taking it off, which also has a certain impact on the head shape and head development. Pay attention to the size of the hat and the baby’s head circumference, generally 0.3cm larger than the diameter of the head circumference, or 1cm larger than the circumference of the head circumference.

The fisherman’s hat is basically inelastic, so it’s better to have a lace up design when you buy it for very young children, so as to prevent it from being blown away by the wind. Older children have a sense of self-protection, they know how to cover up when there is wind, so they don’t ask for it.

The large brim design can effectively cover the face skin, and the sun protection factor is up to UPF50 +, which can effectively prevent the damage of ultraviolet rays. There are holes on both sides of the hat for ventilation and perspiration, which makes it more comfortable to wear and keeps it ventilated and dry for a long time. Personalized adjustable design, more convenient and fashionable.

3、Color selection


Color is also an important factor in hat selection. Different colors of the hat in addition to the difference in the face value, the sunscreen effect is not the same. For example, the sunscreen effect of dark hat is worse than that of light hat, because dark hat absorbs more sunlight than light hat.

Therefore, it is suggested that Baoma can choose some light colored hats for her baby, such as light yellow, light blue and light green, which can give you a little fresh comfort and good sunscreen effect