How to choose a hat suitable for children

A good hat can not only keep the baby out of cold and prevent the baby from getting sick due to the cold, but also make the baby look cute. There are all kinds of cute baby hats on the market, which are dazzling to see. How should mothers choose a hat suitable for babies?

First, mothers should be careful not to wear other people’s hats to their babies. Some skin infections such as head lice and tinea capitis can be transmitted through hats.

Second, some babies have excessive secretion of scalp oil and their hair often shines with oil. You should choose a cap with good air permeability, and wash the cap frequently to keep it clean.

Third, the baby’s hat should be made of soft, light, and warm materials. It should be loose and suitable for thickness. A cap that is too tight will affect the development of the head and hinder the blood circulation of the scalp. The size of the hat is better to choose 1-2 cm larger than the baby’s head.

Fourth, babies who are susceptible to cold can wear hats made of cotton or wool; for babies who are prone to skin allergies, hats made of chemical fiber materials cannot be used for him.