How do people with round faces choose hats?

The face is round, square and long. The hat that I prefer to look at is not suitable for a round face, but there are ways to remedy it. If the face is round, it is more suitable to wear a knitted hat with a thicker weaving thread, and the hardness of the hat itself can be used to remedy the lack of face shape. When wearing it, you can slightly cover the temples and 2/3 of the ears, and then raise the top of the hat to create a visually extended feeling. Of course, your face will have a narrower effect!

Tips: Leave a distance of 3-4 cm between the edge of the hat and the hairline. People with short or low foreheads can lengthen the proportion of the face. The color of the hat is recommended to be black, gray, white, and dark blue. If you want to bring some design patterns, simple or geometric lines are good!