Cleaning baseball cap Kaixin has a coup

Baseball caps have become a must-have choice for every fashionable man and woman. But how to clean a baseball cap correctly, many friends should not know it. There are many deformed after washing. We do not have professional equipment. Once the cap is deformed, it is difficult to recover. So today I will share with you how to clean baseball caps without professional washing tools, just a few simple steps.

Equipment tools: newspaper, hair dryer, towel, toothbrush, washing powder (or liquid detergent), tape. (It can be seen everywhere in life)

  1. Slight stains

If it is a slight stain, such as the dust contaminated by accidentally touching a dirty place or falling on the ground, just wipe it off with a wet towel.

  1. Deep stains

If it is a large area and stains that have penetrated into the fabric, it needs to be washed with water.

  1. Use clean water to wet the stained area on the hat
  2. Put a little washing powder (or liquid detergent) on the stained area, and then wait for a while
  3. Brush gently with a toothbrush, remember not to use too much force
  4. The sweat belt must be cleaned, because the sweat belt is directly in contact with the skin and hair. When it is usually worn, the first-class sweat will be absorbed into the sweat belt. After a long time, it will produce peculiar smell and even smell.
  5. After scrubbing, use clean water to gently rinse off the stained area (do not flush the hat with the faucet, because it may cause deformation of the hat in this step)
  6. Blow dry or air dry

If you are in a hurry, you can use a hair dryer to blow dry, but there is one thing to pay attention to. Adjust the hair dryer to hot air mode, and set the gear to low wind or stroke. Don’t use high wind. Then let the wind direction of the hair dryer blow into the hat body, because the wind direction will prop up the hat body, and use the heat of the hair dryer to match the moisture in the hat fabric, which is equivalent to ironing the hat shape again. (Remember, because the hair dryer is aimed at a small space for a long time to blow, the wind will come back against the line of defense, so pay attention to keeping the hand holding the hair dryer a certain distance from the hat, and be careful to burn your hands!) If you don’t have time to dry it.

  1. Hold out the hat type

If there is no hat support, you can squeeze the newspaper into a ball. Then adjust the adjustment buckle of the hat to the size of the cap that you usually wear, and then stuff the spherical newspaper into the cap. Leave it for more than 24 hours.

  1. Remove the wool

As the last step, this method can be used regularly even when the hat is not cleaned. Because when the hat is usually taken out, even if it is not dirty or stained, as long as the hat is taken out, it will be stained with dust or small woolen clothes. Then you can use adhesive tape to remove these dust and small wool on the surface of the hat.

  1. Tear out tape about 15cm in length
  2. Connect the front end and the end of the adhesive tape to form a circle.
  3. Put round tape on middle finger and ring finger
  4. Pat gently on the surface of the hat, and use tape to remove the dust and small wool on the surface of the hat.

After completing the above steps, the stained hat has been cleaned! It is the same as the new one, hurry up and take a beautiful hat and go out! (Note: As long as the hat is made of cotton and acrylic fabrics, it can be washed. Note that if it is made of wool or other special materials, this method is not suitable for washing.)